About Wallpaper.com.au

About Wallpaper.com.au

Hi! My name is Georgina, George for short. I had been working as a social worker for 7 years and along the way had my son Oli whilst developing a love for interior design and decorating. My partner Jay had a knack for business and we decided it was time to turn my passion and enthusiasm into my new career.

We are born and bred Melbournians and are proud to say, our business is 100% Australian. We are an established business of five years and we think it is safe to say, that making the switch from social work to small business was one of our greatest decisions. We absolutely love bringing colour and pop to people’s homes!

At Wallpaper.com.au, we truly believe that our customers deserve high quality products that don’t break the budget. We love that our product can be easily removed, so if you are renting or your child changes their mind every five minutes, like mine does, then upgrading should be accessible to all. All our products are located here in Melbourne, Australia  for quick dispatch and we use the highest quality materials available.

We like to offer the newest trends, along with a mix of old time favourites to suit every room in the house. We truly hope that you love our products as much as we do. Thanks for visiting!

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St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria
3004, Australia